In all my years of psychiatric practice I have never seen such a deteriorated state of being in my patients.  What meaning can we find in life when we live in a world dominated by fear, anxiety and human misery? What I am witnessing more and more is patients who feel broken on a soul level.  I used to work with patients for a period of time and send them on their way, better able to cope with their life challenges and having new perspectives on past wounds and integrated traumas.  Today, the onslaught of stressful stimuli makes it more difficult for patients to feel a sense of completion in our work together.

When the soul feels broken, where exactly can we go to get it fixed?  Not even psychiatry can hold itself up to this task.  It’s only when psychiatry understands that it exists in a broken universe that psychiatry can find its place as part of healing the spirit.  I have come to believe that all forms of healing have become irrelevent should they disregard spirituality.

Becoming a Doctor of the Soul