Every psychotherapist or psychiatrist practices differently.  The basis of my practice is to look at the foundation of the patient who is before me.  Without healthy human development at every stage,  the progression of development is impaired. Discovering the root the of a patient’s pain is imperative in the rehabilitation of that pain. Many patients, once they have their symptoms alleviated by medication, are not willing to examine the roots of their pain.  Looking at the origin of impaired development takes a significant amount of courage, insight, and judgement. Virtually all outcome studies show that a combination of medication and psychotherapy combined is more effective than either alone.

My goal is never to create a lifelong dependency on medication, rather to help my patients navigate the emotional maze that is responsible for their symptoms. Combining pharmacology with psychotherapy while closely monitoring symptoms has proven to be the most successful path to healing that I have witnessed. There is a subtle interplay between the stress that patients come in with and the stress of psychotherapy. Care needs to be taken in working with a patient so they can continue to function in the world while healing their emotional and psychological pain. This is where the balance of pharmacology and psychotherapy come into play.

Being in practice for nearly 39 years has given me the perspective and experience needed to evaluate my patients needs in a holistic manner. Balancing empathy with an assertive assessment of self-sabotaging patterns and tendencies provides my patients with the containment to explore the roots of their pain and move through their healing process feeling supported, guided, and safe.

How Do I Practice Psychotherapy?