It’s time for Spring cleaning. We bring order to our homes, clean out all the nooks and crannies and rid our space of dust bunnies. For a moment, our main space may be filled with clutter and chaos as we sort, organize, and rearrange. In a similar way our psychological integration requires this same approach to our emotional storage spaces.

Temporary states of chaos or emotional discomfort and predecessors to integration. It’s challenging and can be very painful, but with a grounded perspective and the right tools we can move through these times emerging stronger and more stable than ever before. As we pull the skeletons out of the closet and face the shadow aspects of ourselves and our pasts, we allow space and opportunity to grow.

In my practice, I encourage patients to embark upon their own Spring cleaning process with courage and confidence. This is very difficult work for any individual and strong support is necessary for integration. So what do I do?

I take the symptoms presented by my patients and we work together to understand their origins. Psychopharmacology can quickly alleviate the turmoil giving patients the ability to engage therapeutically in our treatment sessions. Childhood memories, dreams, and identifying maladaptive patterns that have been present throughout their lives are all essential to the Spring cleaning process.

More and more I am witnessing both a need and a desire to explore ones Spirituality. Fundamental questions about the meaning of life become insurpressable as the pressure of daily stress and past wounds intersect. Spirituality is our connection to our own heart and the “collective heart”. Grounding into our own personal spiritual beliefs supports our adaptability.

Spring Cleaning!