The vast majority of us feel ourselves holding on by a thread to a reality that was supposed to be fulfilling and happy but instead feels hellish under the pressure to maintain basic survival. Our psyche has little choice but to fall apart, fragment, and fracture in the face of this trauma. Therefore we are forced to experience the breakdown of our defenses into anxiety and panic, frustration and irritability, hopelessness and depression. How is it possible that we blame ourselves, destroying our self esteem? We feel like weak losers, defeated by life.

Instead of pointing to the society that has given rise to these problems, we internalize them as our own fault. We become immobilized such that the powers that be can continue to enslave our bodies and our minds and usurp the power of the people as a whole. Some people have found a way to step back and understand this in a religious or spiritual manner. These people find strength in their perspective, in which they are empowered to see beyond the story that has been sold to us. Instead of believing in the story of poverty and lack, they begin to cultivate a appreciation and gratitude for what IS present in their lives and recognize the deep connection we have with each other and our planet.

The Power of Perspective