Dr. Wittlin provides adolescent and adult psychotherapy and medication in a warm, personal setting. He also works with families and couples.

Adult Psychiatry

After practicing psychiatry for 15 years, Dr Wittlin saw psychiatry going down the wrong path, a path where psychiatrists only prescribe drugs while social workers and psychologists do therapy.

Adolescent Psychiatry

What a harsh time to be growing up. In my thirty-five years of practice, I have never seen so much psychiatric illness in our children and teenagers. I see kids that feel all alone, scared or anxious, bored, depressed, irritable or angry.

I feel the best I ever have

Because of Dr. Wittlin I feel the best I ever have in my entire life. My mood swings are under control, my Tourette syndrome and my ticks are almost non-existent. And it is just an pleasure talking with such a wise man. Dr. Wittlin help me change my life completely around from what is was. Thank you!

Joseph Bermudez

Helped me begin to build a future

I have treated with Dr. Wittlin for more than 2 1/2 years. I strongly recommend him to anyone struggling with anxiety, depression, and all other mental/psychiatric conditions. He provides the perfect combination of caring, empathy, professionalism and “tough love” necessary to ensure his patients’ well being and best interests. I can truly say that he has saved my life and helped me begin to build a future where previously none existed.


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