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When Antidepressants or Stimulants Fail
If you have not significantly benefited from either anti-depressant(s) treatment for depression/anxiety or cannot tolerate stimulants for AD(H)D, you likely have an incomplete diagnosis. There often is an underlying primary diagnosis of mood disorder. Mood disorder includes increased moodiness and increased highs. These highs often do not feel good: you may feel wired, speak fast, feel energy driven, like you have drank too many cups of coffee and have less need for sleep. Other signs of mood disorder include increased irritability and anger. It may feel like a switch in your brain is being turned on and off. Your insight and judgement are diminished, later resulting in feelings of regret for your actions. Teens and adults often self-medicate with alcohol or drugs to stabilize their mood and feel normal or at ease.

If anti-depressants or stimulants have not worked or have made you feel worse by increasing irritability and moodiness, you have been misdiagnosed. The simple addition of a mood stabilizer typically allows anti-depressants and stimulants to function as designed, giving the patient relief from depression, anxiety, and AD(H)D.

Dr. Wittlin provides adult and adolescent psychotherapy and medication in a warm, personal setting. He also works with families and couples. His adolescent patients typically have issues with AD(H)D, anger, insomnia, anxiety, and/or moodiness, including irritability, depression and defiance. Please note that as a small private practice, we provide you with a completed insurance form to submit to your carrier for reimbursement; however, we do not participate directly with any insurance plans and ask for payment at time of service.