Gave me my life back

Our journey began 2 years ago.

Diagnosed with depression and on medication for many years, I found myself, again, dreading the thought of interacting with people or participating in life on any level. I was in a dark, isolated place. I knew that I was neglecting my family and my work. The people that I encouraged to love and respect me were feeling confused and abandoned. I felt empty, unreachable and detached from everything that I loved. I knew it was time to get help.

Today, I am having an amazing day with both of my grand sons! I can appreciate the beautiful day! I have plans for tonight! I can feel a joy for living again.

Dr. Wittlin, thanks!

We’ve had to work out a few bugs to get my medications right and we did. You didn’t give up. You were committed to getting me and keeping me well.

For that, I am truly grateful. Your expertise and your professional staff gave me my life back.

Love and light to you and Candy! Thank you!


Successful treatment

Dear Dr. Wittlin,

I received notice that you were closing my file and I thought I’d let you know how I am doing to bring closure to our long relationship.

You will be glad to know that I am feeling the best I have ever in my life. I have no anxiety at all. That and the lack of stress thanks to my retirement has made me a relaxed and happy person.

In short, you helped me achieve this happy state. We found the perfect drug combination.

I appreciate all you did working with me I am so glad the treatment was successful.


Best doctor I’ve had

Dr. Wittlin,

You’re the best doctor I’ve ever had and appreciate all your help.

I know you will help many more people.

Thanks again and I wish you peace and joy in the future.

Love, GK

Exceptional care

Dr. Wittlin was enormously helpful in treating my grandson’s bipolar disorder. Not only did he accurately diagnose his condition, but he was instrumental in guiding our entire family through the process of monitoring/adjusting medications, and helping us to recognize the need to modify our own behaviors (adults as well as our teen’s). Dr. Wittlin is extremely knowledgeable in family dynamics, psychiatric conditions, and the motivation behind a teenager’s choices.  We are so grateful for his skill and expertise,   his willingness to be available during a crisis, his humor and compassion, and his remarkable ability to connect with a young person struggling with life’s issues.  The young man we see today is so much more adaptable, appropriate, healthy and delightful to be around….due in large part Dr. Wittlin’s exceptional care, communication and genuine concern for his patient and our family!

With great appreciation, G.  Montague

Truly cares about his patients

I am the mother of a 16 year old son who was having extremely serious “issues” coinciding with his 13th birthday.  He suddenly hated me and my husband for no reason and his oppositional defiance disorder was out of control. My son refused school, was running away, had inappropriate friends, was cutting, drawing morbid pictures, lying constantly and exhibiting threatening behavior to his parents and teachers (on rare occasions when he would go to school). His only ambition was to be a gang member in the city. I was afraid of my own son, but more afraid for him as I knew his choices were going to lead to either jail or death.

At first I spoke to his pediatrician who referred us to a psychologist.  For several months, we had weekly family therapy sessions where my son would act more belligerent than ever towards us.  After it was apparent that talk therapy was not working, we saw another psychiatrist who seemingly had a lot of his own “baggage” and since my son refused treatment, the psychiatrist would not prescribe anything for my son, although he did feel he was “slightly” depressed.  His exact words were that “we had created the monster… we have to live with him”.  By this time, my family was unraveling.

At this desperate time, we were looking into options to save our son’s life.  We were seriously considering committing him as an inpatient at a psych hospital.  In fact, our insurance had pre-approved coverage.  At about this same time I had found Dr. Wittlin on the Internet.  I called his office where I spoke to Irene who instantly made me feel comfortable and reassured me that Dr Wittlin could help my son. Irene knew it was an urgent matter and we had an appointment the following week.

On the first visit to Dr Wittlin, he first evaluated my son alone.  They were in behind closed doors for a while and then Dr Wittlin called my husband and me to come in to join them.  Dr Wittlin was extremely honest and could see that my son was severely troubled and diagnosed him as bipolar.  I remember being relieved at the diagnosis and that (maybe) there would be an end to this nightmare we were living. However, my son became very agitated and stomped out of the office declining any treatment. Dr Wittlin advised my husband and me that we should consider counseling for ourselves.

After a few days, I had negotiated with my son until he agreed to take medicine for his illness.  I called Dr Wittlin’s office and spoke to Irene and advised her of my son’s “change of heart” and a prescription was called in immediately.  Within days of beginning this medicine, he became much healthier and happier.  Friends and family were commenting to me how much better he acted.

So was it a lucky guess on Dr Wittlin’s part; is there even such a thing as bipolar???? I can only tell you that after almost three years of monthly sessions (including family therapy) and medicine compliance, my son is in 10th grade on the honor roll.  He goes to school every day and gets up the first time called.  Dr Wittlin does monthly drug screens which my son has always passed. My son is very active in a religious group, has helped various good will projects and is considering the field of criminal justice.  I am sure that if my son had not been treated by Dr Wittlin that he would not be having the multitude of successes he has had and that he might not even be here.

My opinion is that Dr Wittlin is experienced, very intelligent and truly cares about his patients. With his expertise, he is able to use the miracle of medicine to save a life.

Helped me begin to build a future

I have treated with Dr. Wittlin for more than 2 1/2 years.   I strongly recommend him to anyone struggling with anxiety, depression, and all other mental/psychiatric conditions. He provides the perfect combination of caring, empathy, professionalism and “tough love” necessary to ensure his patients’ well being and best interests.  I can truly say that he has saved my life and helped me begin to build a future where previously none existed.

I would rate him as the best

Dr. Wittlin is very informative and explains everything in detail. He is very personable and listens with a open mind. He monitors the medication with lab work to make sure everything is accurate. My brother was not diagnosed properly and was over medicated to the point of not being able to function at all. After being in treatment with Dr. Wittlin  for two months he is back to working, socializing with friends and working out at the gym. Thanks to Dr. Wittlin, he gave my brothers life back. My brother and I would rate him as the best!

Thank you, Dr. Wittlin!

I have always suffered from anxiety.  As a teenager and then an adult, my symptoms got worse.  I tried various antidepressants, as well as therapy.  These drugs/treatments would work for a time, but then something would trigger a new episode.  I accepted that this would be the cycle of of my life.  I saw Dr. Wittlin when I moved to the area simply to ask him to continue to prescribe my existing medication regime.  After discussing it with me, Dr. Wittlin prescribed a different combination of medications.  After a few adjustments to my dosage, I felt like a new person. I was able to overcome my excessive anxiety and mood swings. Thank you, Dr. Wittlin!

I feel the best I ever have

Because of Dr. Wittlin I feel the best I ever have in my entire life.  My mood swings are under control, my Tourette syndrome and my ticks are almost non-existent. And it is just an pleasure talking with such a wise man. Dr. Wittlin help me change my life completely around from what is was. Thank you!
—Joseph Bermudez

Straightforward Psychiatry

His practice is homey and his approach to psychiatry is straightforward. He really works with you to find out the best treatment regimen, and sticks with you to make sure it’s effective. Experience, reliability, and approachability are a few of many wonderful attributes you will find in Dr. Wittlin. His practice made me feel welcomed, and his treatments left me feeling truly healed. He helped me regain control over my life, and I am forever grateful.

No nonsense

Dr. Wittlin worked with my daughter (age 11) so successfully, so immediately, and so effectively (when no one else could see what was going on with her), that I would be fearful of ever entrusting anyone else with her treatment. Dr. Wittlin is highly intelligent and thereby is someone from whom it is very interesting to learn. He makes sense. No platitudes. No nonsense. One year later, even our pediatrician has commented on what a dramatic improvement she sees in my daughter’s well-being—and this is due, exclusively so, to Dr. Wittlin.

Excellent Psychiatric Care

I first met Dr. Wittlin during the winter break following my second semester of medical school. I was struggling with the workload and all my coping mechanisms were failing. I was unable to focus, and I was becoming very anxious. I was forgetting about assignments, missing deadlines, and struggling in all my classes. I wasn’t sure if I couldn’t focus because I was anxious or if I was anxious because I couldn’t focus. To be a doctor had been my lifelong dream, but I wasn’t sure if I was going to be able to keep up. I certainly wasn’t making the grades needed to apply to a competitive residency to pursue my dream job as an anesthesiologist.

After our first appointment, I knew that Dr. Wittlin was an experienced psychiatrist. He reassured me that it sounded like I had ADHD and I had likely had it for a long time. I had developed my own coping mechanisms and my natural intelligence had helped me scrape by until this point. We both agreed that I was not functioning at my best, and that a medication regimen tailored to me would improve my symptoms.

I felt as most of us feel going into the meeting, “do I really have a psychiatric disorder?” I felt defeated. I did not want to believe that something may be abnormal about my brain or my body. I had reached a point where I recognized that I was not able to continue on my current life trajectory, towards the future I wanted, without intervention. When I left Dr. Wittlin’s office I felt reborn. His diagnosis was not a curse, but a blessing. I finally had the answer to my own questions about the way I’ve always felt, thought, and lived. It all made sense now. I was able to finally shift my focus from my own shortcomings onto projects, meetings, classes and exams.

My first semester back at school I moved to the front row. I went from copying the notes of others, to emailing my annotated notes out to the class upon request. I volunteered to tutor other students and began to ace my exams. Instead of looking at a messy bedroom with several piles of “stuff” with despair, I was organizing and sorting. Instead of being overwhelmed with tasks, I was making lists. I began to enjoy the feeling of accomplishment of completing anything life threw at me. I have since finished medical school with honors, aced my medical licensing exams and performed in the top 10% on my anesthesiology board exam.

Over the years Dr. Wittlin has been very accommodating with my busy schedule and frequent extended training periods away from his office. As with most medical conditions, medication management is a dynamic process. My initial prescriptions are not the same ones I have today. Over the years Dr. Wittlin has been very accommodating to my concerns about medications and my experiences with different regimens. We have worked as a team to develop a personalized regimen for me as a patient, taking into account my job as a physician, that reaps the benefits while minimizing the side effects.

I firmly believe that I would not be where I am today had it not been for the psychiatric counsel and medication management that Dr. Wittlin has provided me. As I look ahead there will no doubt be new challenges to face. I have no doubt that Dr. Wittlin will continue to provide excellent psychiatric care for me and help me be the person I know I can be.


Amazing experience

Amazing experience. Friendly staff and I love the art in the waiting room. My daughter has shown positive gains from day one and is now more at peace and reasonable. Even my daughter notices and makes comments about how much better she feels. Thank you!


I really love my life now

I lived for 59 years with ups and down and anger. My counselor referred me to Dr Wittlin he got to the root of my evils. I am really glad I went to him I really love my life now.


I could not be happier

I could not be happier with my experience with Dr. Wittlin. The results were exceptional. If your having emotional issues, call Dr. Wittlin!

Reading between the lines

My mother took me to Dr. Wittlin when I was 12 which was 14 years ago. She was pulling her hair out because of the conflicts I was starting with my father. I went to Dr. Wittlin consistently for many years. He is extremely smart and very good at “reading between the lines”. I’m proud to say that thanks to him and a lot of hard work from my parents and myself I am now a psychiatric nurse on a children’s unit in upstate New York. I cannot praise Dr. Wittlin enough for his guidance and treatment. He helped me develop positive coping skills to deal with my anger just like he has helped countless others. He is 100% worth every penny, even though it took me many years to truly appreciate everything he’s done. Thank you Dr. Wittlin.

I have found my balance

After many years of trying to fix myself and regulate my mood and anxiety finally I have found my balance. This office was a warm and welcoming environment.
—Angela Barbaro